Ken’s collection includes, sculptures, writings, prints, paintings, song lyrics, zines, photography, fiber art, art from their headmates, and a song recording.

They love art, sculpting, printmaking, painting, drawing, crocheting, photography. Art is a big Part of who Ken is. When asked about why they applied to this project, Ken said, “Lots! I like the idea of being in a space that is all about intersectionality. I don’t see that a lot in my day to day travels of going to a PWI Catholic school and living in a smaller town. I also love the exhibit aspect! Super excited about that, seeing other peoples work, and being a part of a community of cool lesbians!”

Ken is a system so please read Ken’s updated “Statement of Positionality” to learn more!

As of 12/2023, Ken’s systemhood looks very different from when Ken recorded this oral history. To represent change, both Ken and Olivia decided to keep both “Statements of Positionality” with one being old, representing an old version of Ken and the new, updated one.

In 2022-2023, specific art created by a specific headmate or alter is labeled with the alter/headmate as the creator. If every alter participated in an item’s creation, the creator is ‘the rosey system.’