Bina’s collection includes photography and ephemera from their organizing efforts.

She enjoys reading, playing chess, making bouquets of flowers, cooking, reading poetry aloud, playing Stevie Wonder songs on her piano, dancing, writing letters, studying the Torah with other trans communists, learning a lot about different languages, and making her friends’ lives easier whenever she can. When asked why she applied to this project, Bina said. “My lovely friend sent me this form, and i think that, while i do not wanna take up space that could be given to lesbians, esp trans lesbians of color, i figured i would submit my name because i’m deeply inspired by the task you have taken up of lesbian herstoriography ! i really want to learn more about the work that goes into preserving, archiving, and recording ourstory as we live through and in it. i’m someone who is constantly studying and observing the movement of ourstory, and the ways that we are missing stories of women, of gender fugitives/gender expansive siblings who have kept the earth spinning in the right direction.”

At the time of her oral history recording 04/2023, she used “she/they” pronouns. As of 12/2023, Bina now uses she/her pronouns.