Barb’s collection includes writings and photography.

She absolutely love going to concerts, readings, and finding new artists to listen to. When applying to this project, Barb said, “This is the first time I would be able to see/hear a range of stories, media, and histories compiled by a lesbian about lesbians. Especially since the collection will involve a variety of identities, as lesbian history is often white and cis. I think that interest speaks for itself!! I’m still figuring out how all these Parts of my identity tie into my identity as a lesbian. But what I CAN say is that they affect how I’ve approached my sexuality, queer discourse, and even come into accepting my sexuality. For example, being agnostic has no effect on my sexuality, but having religious parents have delayed my coming out due to fear and Catholic guilt. Or another instance, being first gen- American with Brazilian parents meant that I had to figure this all myself. I didn’t even know lesbianism was a “thing” until I was 13. My parents are “liberal” to a degree. They accept me (truly, I don’t doubt that Part), but they have moments where queerness is the Other. I was taught “all love is real love” since I was a child, but the f-slur (or the Portuguese equivalent) is still in their vocabulary when they think something is annoying. It confusing to say the least.”