Amanda’s collection includes digital drawings.

She enjoys thrifting, especially grandpa blazers, spending money on overpriced oat lattes, getting silly tattoos, doing tarot cards, and overnanalyzing her friends’ birth charts. When she applied to this project, Amanda wrote, “What initially drew me into this project was the line “what does it mean to build community from your bed (…)” from the project summary. It really resonated with me. I grew up in a small conservative town in the south of Sweden. Being the only openly gay person in school when I was younger wasn’t easy. Lesbianism wasn’t talked about and I struggled a lot with my identity as a lesbian. I didn’t have a community.. so I had to build one… from my bed. I started following different lesbian social media pages, watched cringy youtube videos and got fascinated by lesbian TikTok-drama. It might sound silly but it helped… I also started looking into lesbian history in archives such as Lesbian Herstory Archives online resources to learn about our history and suddenly – I didn’t feel alone anymore. I think that’s the beauty of the community. The lesbian community goes beyond country borders, language barriers and race. It is a community built on solidarity, comradeship and… just love. New York is both figuratively and literally unbelievably far away from me here in Sweden. But If I got a chance of being Part of this project I would get an opportunity not only to be Part of the community I love but also to be Part of our ongoing lesbian history. And the small girl trying to make community from her bed would be so very proud of her progress.”